Dr-Hyphen is a global consultancy working in User Experience (UX), business strategy, branding and marketing with a special interest in healthcare.

Since 2014, Managing Director Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS has provided specialist services in improving the usability, accessiblity and pleasure of healthcare technology, with particular interests in products and services involving clinicians.

He has also worked with numerous clinicians who have needed support with career development using his own three step process.

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Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS

Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS

Managing Director

Hi, I’m Gyles, AKA Dr-Hyphen.

I was born and raised in Tower Hamlets, East London and graudated from Bart’s & the London School of Medicine & Dentistry in 2011. After three years working as a Doctor, I took the leap in to IT and now work as a Clinical User Experience (UX) Specialist. UX stands for User eXperience involves understanding how people intereact with the anything that has been designed. Since I have a clinical background, I specialise in optimising the usabilityaccessibilty and pleasure of healthcare technology and services.

I use my training and experiences as a doctor as well as technical skills to design or improvement to websitesmobile applications and software.

As I have left Medicine and now successfully work in another profession, I provide career coaching for clinicians who are thinking about leaving medicine or a career in IT.

A lover of all forms of creativity, I enjoy playing my 5 string electric acoustic violin, drawing portraits, and cooking. I also enjoy going to the cinema and playing computer games.


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