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Career coaching for doctors

Do you feel satisfied with your job?


Could your be doing more with life?


Are you reaching your full potential?


I learned a great deal when I successfully changed my career, about myself, and about how I can be a better me. I now use what I’ve learned to help clients get the best out of their lives. This could mean making small tweaks to there personal or professional life, move in to a completely different industry, or anything in between.


The Three Step Process

I went through a three step process, and so do my clients. They learn how to:

  1. know themselves better
  2. know the world better
  3. be part of a new world

By knowing yourself better, specially your core values, you can then focus on what makes you happy. You can then learn more about the world and what in the world can make you happy, and then claim it.

“After talking with Gyles, I finally realised that I could have my dream job after leaving medicine.”
Dr Priyanjalee Perera

Head of Content & Marketing, Dr Morton's - the medical helpline

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I’m available face to face consultants for clients in London, and over the phone or Skype for clients further afield.

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Specific skills and expertise include:

Coaching & mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

I ask the right questions whilst sharing my own experiences and resources to help encourage people to discover ways to improve situations they currently face.

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