Dr-Hyphen provides coaching and mentoring services on a variety of topics including changing careers, business strategy and personal development.

Delivered by Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS, entrepreneur and career coach, we provide coaching services for clients who want to develop themselves or their business.

We specialise in using a tried and tested three step process: 

Know yourself

With a better understanding of one’s self or their business, opportunities for change be discovered

Know the world

Invaluable learning takes place when we investigate the way others live behave in the world.

Create a new world

With a solid plan of action to follow, a better environment and more success can be enjoyed.

Telephone/digital consultations are £100 each. Face to face consultations from £140/each. Discounts available when 4 or more consultations are booked in advance.


Find out about our specific coaching services below.

Career Coaching

It is very normal for people to change roles every couple of years, sometimes involving changing profession as well. Through a three step process, Dr Gyles Morrison guides clients to better understand themselves, the world around them and then to create a new world for themselves.

Business Strategy

Setting up a business is a rather daunting task, especailly if one has not been an entrepreneur before. Dr Gyles Morrison works with clients to understand their business aspirations and turn their ideas into a profitable reality. This includes learning how to create up a brand, marketing and successfully building a businesss.

Personal Development

With an ever changing personal and professional environment, continuous development allows oneself to adequately adapt to these changes. Failure to do so can have significant impact on one’s health and well being. Setting aside time to reflect inwardly through a structured process can lead to successful personal development.

Dr Gyles Morrison works with clients to analyse where they are now and where they want to be, so together they can find ways to bridge the gap between the two.

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