Brand Design

Customer experience is extremely important for any brand. Without a strong understanding of how a brand affects customers, it is easy for an individual or business to stall growing their brand reputation. Therefore it is important to have a strong brand which customers trust and value at any touch-point, such as going to the brand’s website, seeing a business card, or even looking at an invoice.

A number of skills and processes need to be employed in order to create or further develop a brand:

Client Analysis

In order to give a strong and convincing message about an individual or business, it is important to take time and really understand what they do and why. I spent a lot of time and effort at this stage so that I fully understand the brand. It is also useful if the Unique Selling Point has not yet been identified or when the brand message is currently confusing.

Iterative Design

Our very first idea, no matter how much we love it, is rarely the best idea. Findings from my business, competitor and market analysis provide me with the basic ideas used to brainstorm and develop a final design. I explore the layout of various design elements such as to create a final deisn

Competitor Analysis

It is often necessary to understand what others are doing as a means to help differentiate from competitors. If customers and users of a brand do not know why one particular brand is different to another, they won’t know which one is better and may end up choosing no brand rather than your brand. Additionally, insights gained from my research can help further develop a brand.

Graphic Design

High resolution, vector imagery will be required in order to maintain high quality when a number of branded items are produced. Colour, fonts and layout need to be precise in order to give a professional finish. I am an expert user of vector graphic software, with specialist skills with Serif DrawPlus and it’s companion, PhotoPlus.

Market Analysis

There are many trends and patterns which can be discovered when conducting a market analysis. Some of these trends should be followed, others should be ignored, but all need to recognised as they will impact how a brand is to be seen in a particular market, especially if it is crowded. I ensure that my clients know how they are seen in the current market and how they can stand out.

Brand Guidelines

To maintain the quality and strength of the brand’s core values and message, it is imperative that the brand is used in the right way at all times. Therefore I create brand guidelines which facilitate this as they give clear instructions on what fonts, colours and layouts should be used for all elements of the brand, with examples.

Other services

Coaching & Mentoring

I ask the right questions whilst sharing my own experiences and resources to help encourage people to discover ways to improve situations they currently face.


I optimise digital solutions on all types of devices that satisfy the needs of end users. I then help create low risk, high reward designs for development teams.

WordPress Websites

I create professional websites using WordPress which are quick and easy for clients to update.

Axure Prototyping

I’m an advanced Axure RP prototypist and can quickly produce complex, high fidelity prototypes.

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