Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Life is filled with many trials and tribulations. Often, it can feel very difficult trying to overcome challenges, especially if they are new ones, or we recognise how easy other people find overcoming them. I have been coaching and mentoring for a decade now and I enjoy helping helping people to help themselves make their lives better.

I use a number of skills and  processes to effectively coach and mentor my clients:


For clients with a lot significant experience and insight, a pure coaching style can be of great benefit as conversations exclusively involve me asking specific questions rather than giving any advice. This gives the client the opportunity extract the knowledge they need from deep within themselves, allowing them to find solutions to any of their dilemmas.


Being a student, medical doctor and now Clinical UX Designer has given me a wealth of experiences, knowledge and resources. I use these to support mentees to reach goals. This is particularly useful when a mentee does not know what to do next and can really benefit from someone giving them insight, advice and access to resources so they can help themselves.

Career Coaching

It is common for the last few generations of workers to change roles every couple of years, sometimes involving changing profession as well. I work with clients to analyse where they are at now and where they want to be, so together we can find ways to bridge the gap between the two and successful move on to a new job.

Other services

Brand Design

A strong brand is so important to any business. I use my visual design skills and knowledge of how people attribute value to products and services to create brand images that people care about.


I optimise digital solutions on all types of devices that satisfy the needs of end users. I then help create low risk, high reward designs for development teams.

WordPress Websites

I create professional websites using WordPress which are quick and easy for clients to update.

Axure Prototyping

I’m an advanced Axure RP prototypist and can quickly produce complex, high fidelity prototypes.

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