UX Design

User Experience, or UX for short, is all about the emotions and ease of use people have when using technology. It is really important in this digital day and age that when people interact with computers and machines that they are not frustrated, confused or make mistakes. UX designer is a valuable asset to any team that is developing anything with a digital interface with technology, such as websites, mobile applications and software.

A number of skills and processes need to be employed in order to fully improve the UX of any project:

Requirements gathering

There is an art of turning a client’s request for a product and actually having requirements which a development team can use to make that product. Using my experience as a doctor and UX designer, I know how to gather this information quickly to help with the next steps in the software development life-cycle.


The use of prototypes allows various stakeholders, be them the client, other members of the development team and even users, visualise designs. This makes conversations about designs much easier. I am an advanced Axure RP prototypist meaning I can create high fidelity simulations of concepts or existing digital products which are great for testing or meetings with investors

User Research

Without insight from real users, products will fail to fully appeal to and satisfy the needs of users. This is why I consider a mandatory step in any project to find out what users do now and what features of the design will make things even easier for them. I do this by going through existing research, or conducting new interviews, focus groups and surveys.


As a means to learn from work completed thus far, or to discover mistakes we may have overlooked, testing is a vital component of any project. I can test designs using high fidelity prototypes, or completed pieces of code. Based on the data I collect from testing, I can provide recommendations to the rest of the development team.

Iterative Design

Our very first idea, no matter how much we love it, is rarely the best idea. I first use findings from user research and input from the development team to shape initial ideas. Then I brainstorm dozens of alternatives using a variety of techniques to ensure that the final design supports the needs of the target users.


Once the project has completed, its very useful to go over everything that has been done as a means to confirm that we have fulfilled the brief and satisfied the needs of all users. Using the same techniques used to conduct user research and do testing, I can collect data which once analysed can be used to improve the end product for the next iteration.

Other services

Brand Design

A strong brand is so important to any business. I use my visual design skills and knowledge of how people attribute value to products and services to create brand images that people care about.

Coaching & Mentoring

I ask the right questions whilst sharing my own experiences and resources to help encourage people to discover ways to improve situations they currently face.

WordPress Websites

I create professional websites using WordPress which are quick and easy for clients to update.

Axure Prototyping

I’m an advanced Axure RP prototypist and can quickly produce complex, high fidelity prototypes.

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