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10 Transferable Skills of Doctors

10 Transferable Skills of Doctors

More and more doctors these days recognise they have transferable skills, allowing them to excel in a promoted position or a different industry. But what these transferable skills actually are can often escape a doctor. This is significant, because if you do not know...

Top 5 Books for UX Designers

Becoming a Clinical UX Designer after working as a doctor is no easy feat. I'm obviously not afraid of learning loads until the wee hours of the morning and sitting exams, but that was whilst I was a teenager. Then it became life long learning as I wanted to have...

How I became a Clinical User Experience Designer

UPDATED: I first wrote this article on January 19th 2016. Over 3 years later, life has changed as a designer, so I thought I would update this post to thank all the people who have helped me along with my career, including, but not limited to Dr Ritch Macefield,...

I just cooked… Sea Green Soup

This recipe came from the necessity to eat more healthily, which is easier said than done! But one step towards having a better diet is having more greens!   It's dairy free which is useful if dairy doesn't agree with you. The white cream is in fact reduced...

Why We Need More Doctors Doing Healthcare UX

Even before I was a teenager I’ve loved working with computers. I had no qualms opening up a machine and replacing parts. I say machines because it wasn’t just desktop computers; I’ve even opened up a PlayStation 2 and 3 a few times. I wanted to know how they worked,...



Medic Footprints- A Career in UX as a Medic

Dr Abeyna Jones, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Medic Footprints, which is the only organisation in the world that focuses purely on Alternative Careers and Wellbeing for Doctors. Dr Jones is also a Occupational Medicine Registrar and a Clinical Entrepreneur...

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