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The Wonderful World of Healthcare UX

I often get asked "what is UX". Even more often I get asked "why did you leave medicine? Don't you miss the patients?" Funnily enough, the answers to both questions are linked. So keep reading to find out more! UX, short for User Experience is a term which is general...

I went to… DAPS Global Summit 2015

The Doctors Advancing Patient Safety (DAPS) Global Summit 2015 was a great opportunity for me to talk about the wonderful world of Healthcare UX to a room full of doctors. I was invited to present by Dr Samah Alimam, a Haematology Registrar and Board member of DAPS...

The New Junior Doctors’ Contract – Absolute Nonsense!

Junior doctors will be paid for every hour they are scheduled to work.   Now I’m pretty certain this has always been the case. But the reality is that doctors work more than their scheduled hours routinely. How many times whilst on a surgical post, or working on...

Alternative Careers & Wellbeing for Doctors 2015

Saturday October 31st and not a ghost, zombie or vampire in sight. No one cares its Halloween, me included, and why? Because today is Alternative Careers and Wellbeing for Doctors day! A  dodgy curry the night before was trying to keep me trapped in the house, but by...



Dr-Hyphen’s UX Design Method

In medicine, we follow a very specific process to collect, document and share all the information we can from patients. This information is then used to come to a diagnosis and formulate a plan to treat or manage the patient. We call this process clerking (pronounced...

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